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The School Council at The Thomas Lord Audley School plays an important part in the decision making process about improvements around our school.  Students from all year groups represent the valid opinions of other students in their tutor groups during discussions at the School Council meeting held during several lunch breaks throughout the academic year.  The School Council is a huge opportunity for students, from all year groups to learn more about responsibility, listening to their peers whilst being able to develop maturity during meetings and tasks.

The School Council is an opportunity that many students would like to have, however, only two students per tutor group are elected to sit on the School Council.  Students who wish to become a School Council member must put themselves forward and the tutor group then votes for whom they would like to represent them.  Once elected the School Council members have discussions within their tutor group about any issues around the school and any improvements the students are keen to see made.  The School Council members bring these discussion points to the School Council Meetings and Mr Muir and Miss Vivian then take them forward to the next stage be that to the attention of Ms Boast or the Senior Leadership Team within the school.

Having a School Council that is mostly led by students is important as it shows that the teachers and governors respect the opinions of the students and take these on board in any decision making process.

Issues and Projects Led by the School Council Since 2011

New Food Outlet

Many students complained that the Foyer was always congested with students trying to get their lunch which meant that students spent more time queuing than eating.  The School Council alongside the School Senior Leadership Team decided the way to fix this problem was to have a third food outlet.  The school now has two hot outlets, one cold outlet and a salad bar.  This allows the students and staff to move more freely around the canteen areas and ensures that everyone has time to enjoy their lunch.

The School Orchard

In line with healthy eating Mr Boggis, Assistant Headteacher, in the Step Up classes designed an orchard.  An area of the school field was cordoned off to plant trees, apple and pear trees.  Once the orchard is fully grown and starts to produce fruit this can be used by the school canteen and enjoyed by staff and students alike.  The School Council helped Mr Boggis with the planting and care of the orchard during the early stages of development.

School Site

The School Council were instrumental in improvements around the school site such as making more litter bins available and additional seating in F block quad.

Jack Petchey Awards

The School Council, each term shortlist the nominations made by fellow students to receive the Jack Petchey Award in school.  The students who are then voted as winner receive £200 to spend within school, an educational trip or a guest speaker.  The students also receive a pin badge, a certificate and an invitation to the Jack Petchey Presentation Ceremony at The Mercury Theatre.  This is a very positive reward for students inside and outside school.

Learning and Homework Profiles

Recently, the School Council was involved with adapting the learning and homework profiles that each individual student is given by teachers for each subject studied.  Consequently, the students on the Council gave their opinion regarding the wording of some of the targets so that they are widely understood and students are aware of how they are working and what they can do to improve.

Christmas Fayre

Every Christmas the school hosts a Christmas Fayre where members of the School Council are given a role within the event to ensure that it runs smoothly and that visitors, students and staff alike enjoy a festive atmosphere and represent the school.

Kieran Seager - Head Boy