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There are five lessons of 60 minutes each day.  Students are taught in ability sets in English, Maths, Science, Modern Languages and Humanities. Setting reviews are built into the school calendar and take place at regular intervals.  The range of subjects on offer in the school at Key Stage 3 and 4 and the qualifications they currently lead to, is shown in the table below.

Key Stage 3 Subjects
Years 7-8
Key Stage 4 Subjects
Years 9-11
Key Stage 4 Qualification
English English Language GCSE
Mathematics English Literature GCSE
Science Mathematics GCSE
French Biology GCSE
German Chemistry GCSE
Physical Education Physics GCSE
Geography Science GCSE
History French GCSE
Religious Education German GCSE
Computing Physical Education OCR National
Food Technology Religious Education GCSE
Art Geography GCSE
Resistant Materials History GCSE
Textiles Computer Science GCSE
Drama Child Development GCSE or OCR National
Music Food Technology GCSE
Citizenship Graphics GCSE
  Resistant Materials GCSE
  Textiles GCSE
  Art GCSE
  Drama GCSE or BTEC
  Music GCSE or BTEC
  Media Studies GCSE
  Citizenship GCSE